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From wireless medical devices to encrypted communications for the military, 
advanced fleet tracking systems to cashless vending machines, Datakey products
are making life easier for OEMs and end users in virtually every market.


U.S. and foreign governments have relied on Datakey portable memory solutions for over 30 years. Our COTS electronic keys and tokens are the de facto standard for cryptographic ignition keys (CIKs) in data-at-rest and data-in-transit encryption devices. Our proven, rugged designs ensure reliable operation in the harshest tactical environments, and the long-term availability of our products means your product life cycles can be measured in decades.


Our memory products work the first time, every time. Whether they are being used to authenticate and limit the use of a disposable medical device, or to positively pair two wireless medical devices, we electronically test 100% of our portable memory products before we ship them. Our solutions even survive medical sterilization, with specialized products surviving e-beam and gamma sterilization. The long-term availability of our products makes them the ideal choice for medical OEMs with long product life cycles.

Industrial Automation

Don’t rely on consumer USB flash drives and SD cards that aren’t designed for harsh industrial environments. Datakey memory tokens are solid, over-molded with ultra-rugged composites. We offer IP67-rated panel-mount receptacles for outdoor or wash-down applications. Whether your application calls for 16 Kbits or 16 Gbytes, there is a Datakey product to fit your needs and your environment.

Commercial Vehicle Systems

Datakey memory devices offer more than just an ID number. We offer devices with unique, non-changeable serial numbers, plus non-volatile memory that can store driver qualifications and logged route or audit trail data. Our high cycle-life receptacles are rated for 33x more insert-and-remove cycles than a typical USB connector and excel in high-vibration environments.

Traffic Systems

Datakey memory products are the ideal fit for traffic systems, as our keys and tokens are rated for operation from -40 °C to +85 °C and have a 35-year history of reliable operation in challenging environments. Whether it’s a traffic light controller or monitoring system, a train crossing guard logger or a track monitoring system, you can count on Datakey for superior, consistent uptime and safety.

Cashless Systems

There are many non-networked cashless systems that still rely on memory keys to store a cash value and allow payment by inserting a key. To pay for an item (a car wash, a cup of coffee or parking), you simply insert your key. Today, these applications are still up and running thanks to the long-term availability of Datakey memory products.  New applications can use Datakey memory devices to upload credits to non-networked devices or to ensure that a competitor’s products are not used with your OEM equipment.

Agriculture & Construction

Datakey memory devices feature solid over-molded construction with advanced composites that can withstand the vibration, heat, humidity and dust found in agriculture and construction environments. Our devices can be dropped in mud, covered in oil, coated with dust, cleaned with diesel fluid, submerged in water, dried with sand paper, shocked by static electricity and still do their job.