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Don’t send a fragile consumer device to do a RUGGEDrive™ token’s job.
When the going gets tough and the environment gets harsh, the RUGGEDrive™ line delivers USB flash drive or SD card functionality in an ultra-rugged form-factor with receptacles that withstand 33 times more insertion cycles than typical USB connectors and are available with an IP67 rating.

Durability is in the design.

RUGGEDrive™ memory tokens are constructed using ATEK’s industry leading over-molding process. All electronics are completely encapsulated with a proprietary, high-durability, composite that has been proven in harsh industrial and military environments for decades.

Watch out for high insertion cycle applications!

Even in a benign office environment, if your application calls for inserting a memory device just 10 times a day, your connector could wear out in just 5-months if it is a common USB connector.  At the same rate, a Datakey SlimLine™ receptacle would last for over 13 years!