RUGGEDrive™ For once a name
really says it all.

Don’t send a fragile consumer device to do a RUGGEDrive™ token’s job. When the going gets tough and the environment gets harsh, the RUGGEDrive™ line delivers USB flash drive or SD card functionality in an ultra-rugged form-factor with receptacles that withstand 33 times more insertion cycles than typical USB connectors and are available with an IP67 rating.

SD Card Functionality in a Non-Standard Form Factor

DFX RUGGEDrive™ memory tokens provide SD card functionality, but come in the proprietary, non-standard RUGGEDrive token form factor. This means they only plug into Datakey SlimLine receptacles; they do not plug into standard ports found on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Read-Only SD Card / USB Flash Drive Functionality

Standard DFX PC adapters give a PC full read/write access to a DFX memory token. Read-Only DFX PC adapters protect data on inserted DFX memory tokens by only allowing data to be read from inserted tokens. Writes, modifications or erases by the PC are prevented by the read-only adapter, but full access is possible when the token is connected to its embedded host.

RUGGEDrive gives you the flexibility and durability. / RUGGEDrive™ memory tokens use ATEK's proprietary SlimLine™ contact system that provides the OEM with many benefits. RUGGEDrive™ memory tokens use ATEK's proprietary SlimLine™ contact system that provides the OEM with many benefits.

Security: It's all about barriers.

RUGGEDrive™ memory tokens use ATEK's proprietary SlimLine™ contact system. This means that RUGGEDrive tokens can't plug directly into a PC. This barrier, while admittedly low-tech, provides enough of a barrier to stop most people. It also reduces the chance of theft, as how would one use it? The proprietary receptacles also protect the embedded systems from possible exposure to viruses or other malware, as common consumer flash drives and memory cards won't fit.

RUGGEDrive™ puts you in control.

While the term "proprietary" may conjure up some negative emotions, the proprietary contact system of the RUGGEDrive™ line provides the OEM with many benefits. Instead of having to qualify and support every memory device that could fit in an SD card slot or USB port, you only have to support and qualify one device. This shortens your time-to-market and reduces your support costs. It also provides an additional source of revenue through the sale of memory tokens to your customers. If you like, we can even customize the token by adding your company's logo and matching your corporate color.You're in control.

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