Reflow Instructions for SlimLine™ Surface-Mount Receptacles

The following reflects the absolute maximum temperature profile for SlimLine™ surface-mount receptacles (SR4210SMT, SR4210SM, SR4220SMT, SR4220SM, SR4230SMT, SR4230SM):

Gradient to Oven Reflow Zone0.4 °C/sec to 1 °C/sec
Reflow Zone Set Temperature250 °C
Time Above Reflow Zone Set Temperature70 sec
Peak Temperature of Actual Receptacle255 °C
Maximum Passes Through Reflow4

Note: If blistering of the plastic is observed, dry the receptacles for 2 hours at 125 °C.

Below is a temperature profile of a SlimLine™ receptacle subjected to the maximums. The thermocouple was placed on top of the receptacle.


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