Founder of Datakey, Bill Flies, Dies at 78

Only a tiny number of people have the right stuff to create a successful business and brand that lasts for decades. Bill Flies was such a person. Bill Flies (pronounced “fleece”) founded Datakey in the mid-1970’s and was one of the early pioneers of solid-state portable memory.

75 years of technology innovation: ATEK Companies continues growth

Datakey Releases CryptoAuthentication™ Line of Portable Memory Tokens

Datakey Serial Memory Line Wins Highly Commended at Electronics Industry Awards 2018

New Datakey Read-Only DFX PC Adapter Safeguards Logged Data

Not All SD Cards Are Created Equal

How can embedded system manufacturers make sure their users don't use unsupported or counterfeit SD cards? It's a challenge when the cards look legit and plug-in.

New Datakey Bar Series Receptacles Minimize Mounting Space

You Just Bricked Hundreds of Devices. Now What?

An over-the-air (OTA) update just bricked hundreds of remote devices. Now what? This blog looks at various Plan B options to consider before the unthinkable happens.

ATEK Access Technologies Awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

ATEK Access Technologies Celebrates European Distributor’s 30th Anniversary at Embedded World 2017

ATEK Access Technologies Adds New Industrial SD Models to Datakey RUGGEDrive™ Line at Embedded World

RUGGEDrive Torture Test Video

Who doesn’t love a good product torture test video? Watch what happens when a 120,000-pound tank runs over a USB flash drive, an SD card and a Datakey RUGGEDrive memory token.

Datakey Rep Channel Grows with Addition of Experienced Sales Firms

Thwarting Elbonians with Proprietary Memory Devices

Elbonians demonstrate the effectiveness and benefit of using a memory device (with SD card or USB flash drive functionality) with a non-standard/proprietary form factor.

World's Toughest SD Card

Are there SD cards that are physically more robust than others, when they all use the same form factor? The video in this blog post shows destructive testing of SD cards, in the search for the world’s toughest SD card.


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