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Use Cases for CryptoAuthentication Memory Tokens White Paper

Datakey CryptoAuthentication portable memory tokens utilize Microchip ATSHA204A and ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication ICs. This white paper illustrates some of the applications/use cases for CryptoAuthentication memory tokens. The white paper explains at a high level, which features and functions of the ATSHA204A and ATECC608A (or ATECC608B) would be used for each use case.

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Cryptographic Ignition Keys: Implementation Methodology and Guidance

This white paper explains the purpose and functionality of a Crypto-Ignition-Key, also known as a CIK. The white paper also discusses the benefits of using a CIK, including how a CIK can be used to increase the security of a communications device. It also provides detail on how to integrate a CIK into an embedded design.

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How to Interface a USB Flash Drive to a Microcontroller

Although USB flash drives are easy to use, designing a microcontroller-based embedded system that supports a removable USB flash drive can be a challenging task. This white paper gives an overview of USB and highlights several USB host design options that will support the use of a USB flash drive. The paper discusses some of the design considerations for the USB connectors, power supplies and PCB. It is chock-full of links to helpful resources to make sure your microcontroller-based embedded system design will successfully interface to a USB flash drive.

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Wireless Coexistence: Pairing Wireless Medical Devices

The white paper, Wireless Coexistence: Pairing Wireless Medical Devices, examines the concept of wireless coexistence and provides four methods for intentionally linking or pairing two or more devices to prevent unintentional cross-talk. The method of using a removable, non-volatile memory device to transfer device ID information between transmitter and receiver is examined in detail, and a case study showing how Stryker Endoscopy utilized this method for the wireless transmission of high-definition video is also included.

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Removable Memory Key to IoT Firmware Updates

What is the best way to update the firmware of remote IoT (Internet of Things) devices? Over The Air (OTA), of course! What is the best way when OTA fails? With IoT devices that use mobile/cellular communications, it is critical to have a good Plan B for firmware updates. This white paper explores various methods of updating firmware when OTA fails. The benefits of using removable memory for manual firmware updates and other functions are discussed. The paper also explores why OTA updates fail and provides helpful hints to maximize OTA update success.

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Portable Memory Choices

This white paper examines the pros and cons of various portable memory options available to embedded system designers, including: consumer memory devices (e.g. USB flash drives and SD cards)--including "industrial" versions (e.g. industrial SD cards and CompactFlash cards), as well as OEM portable memory systems.

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