Support for Datakey Smart Cards and Smart Card Readers

Are you looking for information or support on Datakey smart cards or smart card readers?

This could include the following products:

  • Datakey SignaSURE cryptographic smart cards
  • Datakey Model 330 smart card
  • Datakey DKR500, DKR610, DKR700, DKR830 smart card reader
  • Datakey CIP software

These products are not manufactured or supported by ATEK Access Technologies. In 2004, SafeNet, Inc. acquired all of the shares of Datakey, Inc. through a merger. Since that time, all Datakey smart card products and software are sold and supported through SafeNet. Please contact SafeNet ( for support on these products.

In 2001, prior to the merger with SafeNet, Datakey, Inc. sold its Electronic Products Division, which became Datakey Electronics, Inc. In 2010, Datakey Electronics, Inc. was purchased by ATEK Products, LLC. Today, Datakey is one of the three major brands of ATEK Access Technologies.

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