Unique Identifier Tokens Token Products

Unique Identifier Tokens

Not Recommended for New Designs
The IC used in Unique Identifier memory tokens is "mature". While not EOL, we would recommend that new designs consider the newer CryptoAuthentication memory tokens.

Datakey Unique Identifier memory tokens provide 1.5 Kbit of EEPROM memory and a unique, non-changeable serial number and OEM code. The OEM code can be optionally customized, so that memory tokens taken by one OEM are the only ones that will have that particular OEM code. Like the serial number, the OEM code is pre-programmed and is non-changeable. In addition to these features, Unique Identifier tokens include:

  • Ultra-rugged Construction – Unique Identifier tokens are solid over-molded using a durable composite, making them impervious to liquids and virtually crush-proof.
  • Redundant Contacts – With contacts on both sides of the memory token it is impossible to insert it “upside-down.”
  • Branding Options – The tokens are available in six standard colors.

Receptacles for Unique Identifier Tokens

Datakey Unique Identifier memory tokens mate with Datakey SlimLine™ board-mount and panel-mount receptacles. The board-mount models are available in both surface-mount and through-hole versions. Additional features include:

  • IP65 and IP67 Ratings – Several receptacles are available in IP65- and IP67-rated versions. Versions that reduce radiated emissions are also available.
  • High Cycle-life Contacts – All SlimLine™ receptacles are rated for a minimum of 50,000 insertion cycles. That’s 33 time more than most USB receptacles.
  • Cabling Options – Choose a panel mount receptacle with a standard 10-pin header (for use with a ribbon cable) or choose a locking connector for high-vibration applications.

SlimLink Programmers

It is often desired to use a PC to read data from or write data to a memory token. The SlimLink programmers support the Unique Identifier memory tokens (and all Serial Memory tokens as well) and connect to a PC via a USB or RS-232 port. The programmers come with Windows® drivers and a sample application. The sample application can be used for troubleshooting when integrating a memory token into an embedded design, as it provides a known-good way to communicate with the memory device. For those who wish to develop their own Windows® applications, we offer a development kit with all of the necessary tools, including the programmer.

SlimLink Development Kits

The SlimLink development kits include everything needed to develop a Windows® application that can read data from and write data to a Unique Identifier memory token (or Serial Memory tokens) using a SlimLink programmer. The development kit includes:

  • 2 – Memory token samples
  • 1 – SlimLink Programmer
  • 1 – SR4210PCB board-mount receptacle
  • 1 – SR4210 panel-mount receptacle
  • Plus all cables, drivers, software and documentation

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