Unique Identifier EEPROM + Serial Number Portable Memory

The Datakey Unique Identifier line of portable memory devices provide EEPROM memory with a unique, non-changeable serial number and are offered in our key, SlimLine™ token and plug form factors.
Note: The IC used in Unique Identifier memory products is mature. For new applications, see the CryptoAuthentication™ line.

Not Recommended for New Designs / The IC used in Unique Identifier memory products is "mature". While not EOL, we would recommend that new designs consider the newer CryptoAuthentication™ memory tokens.

Unique Identifier Features

Each Unique Identifier memory device (IIT, IIK or IIP models) ships with a unique, 48-bit serial number. We also offer OEMs the option of having their own unique OEM code. Both the OEM code and serial number are non-changeable. In addition to this read-only information, the devices contain 1.5 Kb of re-writeable non-volatile memory.

Copy-Proof Credential

The unique, non-changeable serial number of an IIT memory token can be used to encrypt the data stored on the 1.5 kbit EEPROM. The host uses the serial number to decrypt the data. If someone attempts the make a copy of an IIT token, they will read off the encrypted data stored on the EEPROM of the "good" token. They will then write this to another device that will have a different non-changeable serial number. When the host tries to decrypt the data, it will use the mismatched serial number from the unauthorized copy and the decoded data will be garbage.

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CryptoAuthentication is a trademark of Microchip Technology Incorporated in the U.S.A. and other countries and is used under license.

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