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Serial Memory / Secure Memory

The KC4210L Keyceptacle access device is an LED-equipped interface connector for all of Datakey's serial memory Keys. The device provides the physical and electrical connection between the serial key and host hardware.  Green and red LEDs indicate the status of the key reading/writing transaction.  The Keyceptacle supports the interchangeable use of various capacity keys and is designed to provide reliable connection over an operating life of at least 200,000 cycles.  The KC4210L also contains a Last-On/First-Off (LOFO) switch that may be used to protect the host bus by ensuring that keys have made secure contact with the access Keyceptacle before any signals are transmitted.  The KC4210L is configured for host systems that supply 5.0 volt power – contact the factory for models that work with 3.3 volt power.


KC4210L KC4210LCC
Part Number606-0052-012A606-0052-015A
Mounting TypePanel MountPanel Mount
Operating Life200,000 cycles min.200,000 cycles min.
EMI ReductionNANA
Operational Temperature-40 ˚C to +80 ˚C -40 ˚C to +80 ˚C
Storage Temperature-40 ˚C to +105 ˚C -40 ˚C to +105 ˚C
Connector0.100" Header Mates with 10-pin (2x5) Ribbon Cable Connector0.100" Header Mates with 10-pin (2x5) Ribbon Cable Connector
FastenersIntegrated Retention FIngersIntegrated Retention FIngers
Used WithSerial Memory Keys, Secure Memory KeysSerial Memory Keys, Secure Memory Keys
Environmental SpecificationsVibration: 15 G's (three axis)Vibration: 15 G's (three axis)
ComplianceRoHS CompliantRoHS Compliant
Other FeaturesLEDs indicate when it is safe to remove key. Redundant contacts.LEDs indicate when it is safe to remove key. Board is conformal coated. Redundant contacts.
Datasheet (PDF)
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