Read-Only DFX PC Adapter

The Read-Only DFX PC Adapter provides a convenient way to read data from a DFX RUGGEDrive™ memory tokens using a PC. The small, lightweight adapter plugs into USB type A ports. When a DFX token is then inserted, it appears to the computer as a USB Mass Storage device (i.e. a USB flash drive). No special drivers should be needed for operating systems that support the USB Mass Storage Class.

Unlike the standard DFX PC Adapter (part number 607-0081-000A), the Read-Only DFX PC Adapter (part number 607-0081-001A) only allows data to be read from the inserted DFX memory token. Writes are not allowed through the read-only adapter.

When used with DFX memory tokens, a Read-Only DFX PC Adapter provides a removable memory system where data can be written to the DFX memory tokens by the embedded system, but when taken to a PC, the data can be safely transferred to (or read from) the PC without the risk of the data on the token being accidentally deleted or modified. This setup is ideal for video or data logging that could be used as evidence. If only Read-Only adapters are used, there is no way to modify or delete the original data stored on the DFX memory token using a PC.

In addition to converting the physical interface from the SlimLine™ contact system of the DFX memory token to the common USB type A plug, the Read-Only DFX PC Adapter also converts the Secure Digital (SD) electrical interface to a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface. While the DFX memory token provides SD card functionality, the Read-Only DFX PC Adapter essentially functions as an SD card reader, accepting DFX memory tokens rather than consumer SD cards.

Read-Only DFX PC Adapter
Part Number607-0081-001A
Development Kit Part No.See DFX Development Kits
PC InterfaceUSB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Power5.0 V, supplied by USB
ThroughputSee DFX token for throughput
Receptacle Contact Life50,000 cycles min. 1,500 for USB connector
Operating Temperature0 ˚C to +85 ˚C
Storage Temperature-40 ˚C to +100 ˚ C
Used WithDFX RUGGEDrive memory tokens
Supported Operating SystemsThose supporting the USB Mass Storage Class
Included AccessoriesNA
ComplianceRoHS Complaint
Other FeaturesNA

WARNING: California's Proposition 65

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