The SR4220PCB receptacle is a board-mount interface connector for all Datakey SlimLine™, Extended SlimLine, NFX, and RUGGEDrive™ memory tokens (see token data sheets for more details). The SR4220PCB receptacle features corrosion-resistant, gold dot contacts that perform reliably over a wear life of at least 50,000 insertion/removal cycles. The receptacle includes a detent mechanism that gives users tactile confirmation when an inserted token is physically engaged. The SR4220PCB also contains a Last-On/First-Off (LOFO) contact that may be used to protect the host bus by ensuring that tokens have made secure contact with the receptacle before any signals are transmitted (please contact factory for this option with NFX, DFX, and UFX tokens).

The SR4220PCB receptacle is a space-saving component that mounts directly onto a printed-circuit board. The SR4220PCB is a modified version of the standard SR4210PCB -- the mounting flange has been removed for space savings. Since the mounting flange has been removed, special care must be taken in the design of the mounting of these receptacles to ensure that excess stress is not placed on the leads. The SR4220PCB is also available with surface mount leads (SR4220SM).

Part Number606-0055-000A
Mounting TypeBoard Mount (TH)
Mounting StyleRight Angle Board Edge
Operating Life50,000 cycles min.
IP RatingNA
Operating Temperature-40 ˚C to +85 ˚C
Storage Temperature-40 ˚C to +105 ˚C
Used WithSerial Memory Tokens, Secure Memory Tokens, NFX Tokens, RUGGEDrive Tokens
Environmental SpecificationsVibration: 15 G's (three axis)
ComplianceRoHS Compliant
Other FeaturesNA

WARNING: California's Proposition 65

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